About Us

over + over is a collection of modern clothing for little ones,  ages 1 to 9. each piece is designed to get better with wear and be so comfortable kids want to wear it every day.

at over + over, we hold conscious consumption, timeless style, and true comfort close to our hearts. our clothes are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles and sold only though our web store. we make each piece from ethically-sourced fabrics because everyone deserves to earn a fair wage. we use only low-impact dyes and keep our packaging to a minimum, because we think that’s beautiful. our extra-soft cotton jersey is made in California just for us. we focus on clean, classic styles so children can hop, skip and jump without interference. our colors and prints are slightly unexpected because childhood tends to be, too. we want these to be your child’s favorite pieces, and when they outgrow them, we hope you pass them onto siblings or friends so they can continue the adventure, over + over again.

over + over is a collection of children’s clothing from designer and mom of two, corey pak. a fashion industry veteran with over 20 years of design experience, corey began sketching and concepting over + over after the birth of her daughter, when she struggled to find the clothing she wanted to put her in. a perfectly broken in jeans and cashmere sweater girl herself, corey searched high and low for classic shapes and unusual colors, but when she found designs she liked, she had to sacrifice, usually quality or price. so after she had her son, instead of going back to the corporate design world, she set out on her own to create a small collection of perfect children’s basics, with a twist. this is over + over! corey lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children, plus two dogs, one cat and an occasional goldfish.